A Agora CollectiveHeike AlbrechtOihana Altube Lorea, Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Florian Bach, Antonia Baehr, Silke Bake, Rose Beermann, Ana Berkenhoff, Sandra Blatterer, C Johnny Chang, Camille Chapon, Alice Chauchat, Katja Cheraneva, Christina Ciupke, Martin Clausen, Michelangelo Contini, Shannon Cooney, Black Cracker, Mor Demer, Dennis Deter, Mars Dietz, Igor DobricicBrendan Dougherty, Jonas Maria Droste, David Eckelmann, Sunniva Vikor Egenes, Sandra Ernst, Jan Fedinger, Jule Flierl, Pablo Fontdevila, Davis Freeman, G Jessica Gadani, Diego Gil, Zoe Goldstein, Wanda Golonka, Lina Gómez, Renate Graziadei, Matteo Marziano GrazianoChris Gylee, Martin Hansen, Boris Hauf, Hermann Heisig, Raphael Hillebrand, Josefin Hinders, Jassem Hindi, Carolin Hochleiter, Neo Hülcker, Renen Itzhaki, Taavet JansenK Just in F. KennedyGyung Moo Kim, Hyoung-Min Kim, Bettina KnaupZoë Knights, Bettina Kogler, Julek KreutzerMattef KuhlmeyBjörn KuajaraL Dan Lancea, Xavier Le Roy, André Lewski, Marc Lohr, M Don Mabley-Allen, Felix MarchandSergiu MatisSheena McGrandlesLee MéirNoa Lara MeirDas Mineralwasser KollektivAndreas A. MüllerGisela MüllerMartin Nachbar, Ania Nowak, Anna NowickaDietrich Oberländer, Lulu Obermayer, Paul O´Neill, Elpida Orfanidou, Jayson Patterson, Mila Pavićević, Peter Pleyer, Bruno Pocheron, Benjamin Pohlig, Eliza Posny, Thomas Proksch, Ann-Kathrin ReimersJuli Reinartz, Ingo ReuleckeJulia Rodriguez, Orlando RodriguezPaz RojoMartins RokisLiz RosenfeldTian RotteveelTucké RoyaleStefan RusconiAnnegret Schalke, Thomas Schaupp, Angela Schubot, Irene Sieben, Martin Sieweke, Yoni Silver, Leticia Skrycky, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Diletta Sperman, Peter StamerFedde ten Berge, Karol Tyminski, Hans Unstern, Stellan Veloce, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias, Nir Vidan, Lucie Vítková, Jeremy Wade, Litó Walkey, Maria Walser, Julian Weber, Maya Weinberg, Günther Wilhelm, Frank Willens, Laurie Young, Sigal Zouk

Agora Collective

The Agora Collective was originally founded in 2011 as an independent project space. In 2017, the project temporarily relocated to an extensive underground space on the Kindl art campus in Neukölln. The core values of Agora are artistic solidarity, self-organization, experimentation and interdisciplinarity. Our current mission is to prototype new modes of living and working together, as well as the formation of an artistic learning center. Agora currently houses experimental educational programs, various studios for artists, including one specifically for dance (body-related practices), as well as a collective ceramic workshop. Agora Collective is currently being co-directed by Caique Tizzi, Sheena McGrandles, Elena Polzer and Paz Ponce. 

Heike Albrecht

Heike Albrecht has led the Performing Arts Program at LOFFT, curated numerous festival formats (including Westend 05 know your rights and Tanznacht Berlin), and was Managing Artistic Director at Sophiensæle from 2007 to 2010. She then went on to curate “As we speak” for Goethe Institut as part of the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012 and was the programming director / dramaturge for the theater festival Favoriten 2012. She is a mentor for the Performing Arts Program Berlin, a juror for the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and works as a dramaturge.

Oihana Altube Lorea

Oihana Altube Lorea is a performer based in Madrid. She began her studies in classical dance, continued her training at SEAD, and holds a Master in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. As a performer, she works with choreographers such as Beatríz Fernández, Pere Faura and Paz Rojo. Currently, she is developing “Rojo Pandereta,” a choreographic research in collaboration with Javier Vaquero, in which the construction and fluctuation of identity issues are questioned trough analyzing Miguel de Cervante‘s “Don Quixote” and the Marius Petipas Ballet version of it. 

Ariel Efraim Ashbel

Ariel Efraim Ashbel makes shows. His work was presented at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensaele, Kampnagel, Forum Freies Theater, Impulse Theater Festival, Spielart Festival and more. Alongside his work as a director, he also collaborates as performer and dramaturg. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem and holds a BA in History and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

Florian Bach

Sculptor and light designer Florian Bach’s work interrogates the place of humans in their environment, proposing structures that often reject them. His installations are often crafted through a performative practice. He has designed light for choreographers such as Eisa Jocson, Kate McIntosh, Isabelle Schad, Irina Müller, Eva Meyer Keller, Sybille Müller, Nicole Seiler, and Simone Aughterlony. He is part of the Wiesen55 e.V. artist collective, running the Wiesenburg-Halle in Berlin. 

Antonia Baehr

Antonia Baehr is a choreographer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist. Her works explore the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes. Baehr studied with Valie Export in Berlin and obtained her MFA at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently collaborating with Neo Hülcker, Andrea Neumann and Latifa Laâbissi. Baehr is the producer of the horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch (who is also performing for Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz); the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur; the aspirant composer and ex-husband Henry Wilde, among others.


Silke Bake

Silke Bake, curator, dramaturge, and mentor, has worked at TAT Frankfurt, Hebbel-Theater and Tanzquartier Vienna, among others, and has conceived art programs for institutions including HKW, Academy of Arts Berlin and Theaterformen Brunswick. She co-curated festivals such as On Hospitality (Tallinn 2011) and performance platform. body affects (Berlin 2012). She is responsible for discursive programs such as Visionärer Widerstreit or Ecologies of Practice. In 2016 and 2018, she was the artistic director of Tanznacht Berlin. In 2018, she was guest professor at HZT Berlin (SoDA).

Rose Beermann

Rose Beermann is a choreographer and theoretician from Berlin. She studied cultural studies at  Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and finished in the following a dance education at Tanzfabrik Berlin. Between 2010 and 2013, she inrolled in the MA study program at the Institute for Applied Theater Sciences in Gießen. In addition to her artistic work, Rose works as a research assistant for Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst at the chair for dance studies in Gießen since October 2017. 

Ana Berkenhoff

Ana Berkenhoff is a versatile artist working in music, theatre, film, poetry, instrument building and installations. She performs regularly in both the UK and Germany and has made recent appearances on Radio 3‘s Late Junction, BBC introducing, Radiophrenia Glasgow, WaveFarm NY and received a special mention from WISWOS women in sound. As a long standing actress/performer she tours Germanys free theatre scene in venues like HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Gessnerallee Zuürich.

Sandra Blatterer

In her artistic practice, Sandra Blatterer connects a range of different methods – from draft sketches, to video mapping, installations and above all performances in context. Sandra investigates different methods of artistic light development and the effects of a variety of light qualities on spaces.

Johnny Chang

Johnny Chang (violin/viola/composition) engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/listening and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition and performance. As a composer and performer, his performances have been featured in: Staatsoper Berlin, Donaueschingen Musiktage, and DNK Days in Amsterdam, among others. He currently collaborates with: Phill Niblock, Peter Ablinger, Catherine Lamb, among others. In 2010 he initiated and continues to co-curate “Konzert Minimal,” as well as a collaborative research project that realises the compositions of the premedieval anonyma composer, Viola Torros.


Camille Chapon

Camille Chapon aka Jofe D‘mahl is a Berlin-based artist. He is the host of a cabaret for mixed performances called “Carte Blanche” and member of a performance trio called “Eternuer” together with Bruno Ducret and Tom Bouët. Having an investment in pedagogy, he teaches improvisation workshops for children and adults. In 2014, Camille received an MFA at the École supérieure d’art et de design Grenoble/Valence. In 2017, he earned his BA in dance, context, choreography at HZT Berlin. 

Alice Chauchat

Alice Chauchat works as a choreographer, performer, teacher, and editor related to choreography. She created performances with artists including Anne Juren, Alix Eynaudi, Frédéric Gies, and performed with Jennifer Lacey, Xavier le Roy, and Juan Dominguez, among others. She has co-developed choreographic projects and platforms for the production and exchange of knowledge in the performing arts (, paf, praticable etc.). From 2010 to 2012 she co-directed Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. She is a guest professor at HZT Berlin through 2020.

Katja Cheraneva

Katja Cheraneva is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. Studied at the Nikolai Ogryzskov’s Contemporary Dance School, Moscow and at the HfMDK, ZuKT Frankfurt am Main. She was a member of The Forsythe Company from 2010 to 2015 and has worked with Anne Imhof for the productions “Angst“ and award-winning performance “FAUST.“ She is a member and co-founder of HOOD (Host Organisation fOr proDuction) that is currently supported by PACT Zollverein.

Christina Ciupke

Christina Ciupke lives and works as a choreographer and performer in Berlin. She develops her projects in close collaborations within which specific spaces and performative situations arise. She collaborates with choreographers such as Ayse Orhon, Jasna Vinovrski, Mart Kangro, Nik Haffner, as well as with the composer Boris Hauf and the ­dramaturge Igor Dobričić. In 2013 she received a Master in choreography (AMCh) at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

Martin Clausen

Martin Clausen (Berlin) is an actor, performer and director. Together with Angela Schubot, he founded the group Two Fish (2000–2012). Since 2013, he has presented the works “Don’t hope,” “Gespräch haben/Ohne Worte” and “Come Together” at HAU Hebbel am Ufer under the name Martin Clausen und Kollegen. The Ikarus prize nominated work “Bettina bummelt” by Elizabeth Shaw has been running at Theater an der Parkaue since 2010, where he directed the production “Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich” and his third work with Theater Thikwa (“Möchten Sie noch? – Nein, danke.”) in 2018.

Michelangelo Contini

Michelangelo Contini, Italian, based in Berlin. He studied Music and Arts (D.A.M.S.) in Bologna. Parallel to his work as a painter, he is beginning to collaborate in music and performative projects. In 2004, he created a piece for the first edition of “Lucky Trimmer.“ He co-founded together with Trine Bork Kristensen the Project Space II // I in Berlin Wedding in 2007. He created the work “Gegen die Identität“ in 2007 in collaboration with Nancy Banfi, Olga Tzikouli, Marcello Busato and Margareth Kammerer. In 2015, with Gearóid Ua Laohgaire and Pablo Juanes, he formed the music project The Salt Welcome. Since 2015, he has been collaborating with Lina Gómez.

Shannon Cooney

Shannon Cooney is a choreographer, dancer and dance educator. She has been presenting her choreographies since 1993 in Canada and Europe. She has performed the works of numerous choreographers and with Toronto-based Dancemakers from 1994 to 2006. Her teaching practice Dynamic Expansion combines craniosacral principles and contemporary dance. Her recent choreographies: “Fielding” (2017), “every one everyone” (2013), “Assemblages“ (2011) and “Spiral Pendulum: dance” (2009).

Black Cracker

Black Cracker works with sound, text, video and installation. At first he studied conceptual art and art history before he excelled as a slam poet and a poet in print. He was an activist and educator in New York. From 2004 on, he has collaborated, produced and toured with music groups and artists including Cocorosie, Bunny Rabbit, Raz Mesinai, Grand Pianoramax, Blixa Bargeld, and Peaches. He performed in stage-works by Gritty Glamour, Josep Caballero Garcia, Boiband, and presented his own works at Deutsche Oper and Cabaret Voltaire, among others.

Mor Demer

Mor Demer is a choreographer and dancer. She recently graduated from ex.e.r.ce, CCN in Montpellier, France with an MA in Choreography. Born and raised in Kibbutz Dvir in Israel, she began dancing from an early age, going on to complete training programs at Vertigo Dance Company (2007-2010) and Ponderosa, P.O.R.C.H (2010). Demer worked as a dancer with the “Vertigo Young Company” and collaborated with various choreographers and visual artists, including Tino Sehgal, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Peter Pleyer, Yoav Admoni and Sandra Wieser.

Dennis Deter

Dennis Deter is a native-born Berliner and works as a dramaturge, choreographer and performer. He studied philosophy and literature at Freie Universität Berlin and has worked with artists like Gui Garrido, Begüm Erciyas and the White Horse collective. As a member of the international nomadic band-collective John The Houseband he has toured Europe for the past six years and plays the electric bass in the rock band Kala Brisella.

Mars Dietz

Mars Dietz works in installation, sound art, writing and DJing in the USA and Europe. Mars is preoccupied with the way language shapes perception, which in turn shapes behavior, belief, infrastructure, and policy, even that which is called reality. She thinks of her projects as radio receptors and amplifiers for an amalgamation of voices. She has also worked to assist arts organizations, visual artists and choreographers with writing, archives management and dramaturgy. She most recently worked at a U.S. law firm and nonprofit focused on enabling international mobility for performing artists.

Igor Dobričić 

Igor Dobričić studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and attended a Master of Theatre at DasArts in Amsterdam. He works as a dramaturg and artistic advisor, collaborating with a number of choreographers (Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Guillaume Marie, Christina Ciupke, Meg Stuart, among others). As a teacher and a mentor, he has a standing engagement with SNDO, Master of Choreography (DasDance) and the Master of Theatre (DasTheatre) in Amsterdam as well as with the Choreographic Centre Hamburg (K3). 

Brendan Dougherty

Sound artist and producer Brendan Dougherty moved from Philadelphia to Berlin in 2002 and quickly became involved in its music scene as a drummer and solo performer and has since released two solo LPs and performed internationally.  He is equally known for his collaborations in choreography and performance art, having worked with Ian Kaler, Meg Stuart, Antonija Livingstone and Adam Linder, among others.  His collaboration with Meg Stuart, “Violet” was called “a sublime sound maelstrom […] a convulsive beauty” (Les Inrockuptibles).

Jonas Maria Droste

Berlin-based visual artist, performer and choreographer Jonas Maria Droste departs from a vocabulary of installation and conceptually driven sculptural work, addressing the notions of work and practice as means to artistic production. His practice shifts between collaborative environments and solo endeavors in both fields. He studied in Vienna and Berlin (UdK & HZT), and has worked with: Clément Layes, Julian Weber, SheShePop, Anna Aristarkhova, Jeremy Wade (in collaboration with J. Weber), and Sophie Brunner, among others.

David Eckelmann

David Eckelmann thinks that communism is a great thing but not compatible with human nature. He knows the GDR/USSR from stories, being born as a bourgeois kid in western Berlin. He has seen a lot of dance. Much of which he doesn’t understand, but which he loves to talk about. He works as a producer and dramaturge with various artists and lives in Leipzig. There, his baby is the P-Bodies Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance. 

Sunniva Vikør Egenes

Sunniva Vikør Egenes is a Berlin- based dance artist who has worked with choreographers such as Martin Nachbar, Rosalind Crisp and Anne-Mareike Hess. Her own practice revolves around solo-improvisation and writing. She has presented her own work in Norway, the UK, Germany and Sweden. Sunniva also contributed to writing for the award-winning Norwegian shortfilm “Retract” (2017).

Sandra Ernst

Sandra Ernst, born 1972, graduated from HAW Hamburg and holds a degree in fashion design. She collaborated at Susan Cianciolo`s “Run Collections“ in New York and established a fashion label in Berlin with publications in Nylon Magazine and others. Sandra is also a Qigong Teacher and loves to expand her creative vision into the field of costumes in film and performing arts. She worked with: Matthew Porterfield, Friederike Jehn, Julian Rosefeldt, Michael Müller and Lisa Bierwirth, among others. The collaboration with Lina Gómez has been developing since 2015. 

Jan Fedinger

Jan Fedinger [EU] is a visual artist and designer that works across various media while using light as prime medium of expression. His oeuvre is comprised of performative installations, lighting design, performances, photography, drawings and furniture design and has been shown across Europe and beyond. Currently, he is on tour with his performance “land[e]scapes 3.“ 2018/19 will see new projects with Mélanie Perrier, Meneer Monster and Alban Richard.

Jule Flierl

Jule Flierl wants to write the history of Sounddance. She is into non-linear time concepts and the fiction of historicity. In 2017, she presented the lecture performance “I INTEND TO SING”, in which she reflects on her own practice and makes reference to historical vocal dances. In her latest project, “Störlaut”, she appropriates, re-interprets and mobilizes Valeska Gert‘s sounddances as a form capable of exploring non- and extra-verbal proclamations where other forms of speech fail.

Pablo Fontdevila

Pablo Fontdevila is a choreographer, performer and designer, born in Argentina. He graduated from SNDO in Amsterdam (BA). Focusing on creative processes, collaboration and working methodologies, his interest lies on exploring ethical questions through the movement of bodies and minds. Next to the development of his choreographic work since 2004, he has worked as a lighting designer for dance, opera, theater and music concerts in The Netherlands and Argentina, touring Europe extensively. 

Davis Freeman

Davis Freeman is an American artist based in Brussels with his company Random Scream. He makes contemporary theater & dance, photo/video installations and curatorial projects. His work is referred to as devious political theatre or docu-performances and often fights for a more ecological planet. Currently, he’s developing an opera about the challenges of our time and will premiere a new Solo about racism and family in the NEXT Festival in Kortrijk on 28. November!

Jessica Gadani

Jessica Gadani is a singer/performer from Upstate New York. For the past six years, she has been living and working in Berlin. Gadani has been performing regularly in theaters such as HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensaele, Kampnagel Hamburg, FFT Dusseldorf, and Gessnerallee Zurich, with Berlin-based artists such as Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Santiago Blaum, Johannes Müller and Andreas Liebmann. In 2010, she co-created a monthly cabaret evening called “Fish and Whips.”

Diego Gil

Diego Gil is a choreographer, performer and philosopher who studied in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development (BA), Das Choreography (MA) and became a PhD candidate at the Interdisciplinary Humanities program of Concordia University in Montreal. At the moment he works at the Sense Lab (a research creation laboratory directed by Erin Manning) organizing the “Schizo-somatic” workshop series’ and the “Minor Gesture exhibition” as part of the Immediations Project: Art-Media- Event, across Canada, Europe and Australia. 

Zoe Goldstein

Since 2012, Zoe Goldstein has been engaged in physical theatre and dance, primarily in Berlin, exploring different forms of physical expression. Her areas of interests include butoh, body weather, contemporary dance and improvisation / instant composition. She completed the Dance Intensive program at Tanzfabrik Berlin in 2018. She has worked with Signa (DK), Vegard Vinge-Ida Müller (NO/D), Yuko Kaseki (JP/D) and Sherwood Chen (US/FR), among others.

Wanda Golonka

In 1987, Wanda Golonka founded the company Neuer Tanz. Since 1996, she has been working as freelance choreo­grapher at institutions including the Bayerisches Staatsballett and Staatsschauspiel, Volksbühne Berlin and Goethe-Institut. Between 2001 and 2009, she was director-in-residence at schauspielfrankfurt. Since 2013, Professor Wanda Golonka has been directing the maC program at HZT Berlin. In her interdisciplinary works she is interested in dealing with theatre as physical experience.

Lina Gómez

Lina Gómez, is a Colombian choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. She studied Choreography at the HZT-Berlin and Communication of the Arts of the Body with an emphasis on Dance and Theater from the PUC in Brazil. Her recent choreographic research was supported by the Einstiegsförderung 2017 and Einzelprojekt­förderung 2018 from the Berlin Senate. Furthermore, she is co-founder of the company Aberta de Dança of São Paulo-BR (2008). Lina has worked as a dancer with Yoshiko Chuma, Tino Sehgal, Edson Fernandes and Jorge Garcia among others. 

Renate Graziadei

After receiving her dance education in Switzerland and in New York, Renate Graziadei worked with S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre in Frankfurt, among others. In 1994, she founded the dance collective laborgras together with Arthur Stäldi. Since 1999, she has been intensively collaborating with choreographer David Hernandez. Since 2008, she is a regular guest artist at Sasha Waltz & Guests. In 2017, she also appeared as a guest with the Susanne Linke Company. In 2015, she received the Berlin Art Prize with laborgras in the category for performing arts. 

Matteo Marziano Graziano

Performer and choreographer Matteo Marziano Graziano deals with questions around desire and disobedience in relation to the moving body. He works within the formats of video, stage, and music theatre, including experimental and participatory formats along with site-specific interventions. He has worked with Tino Sehgal, Lucinda Childs, Doris Uhlich, Emio Greco PC, Marlon Barrios Solano und Ivo Dimchev, among others, as well as at Tanzfabrik Berlin, PACT Zollverein Essen, and at Schaubühne Berlin.

Chris Gylee

Chris Gylee is a stage and costume designer. He moved to Berlin from the UK in 2014. Recent works include: “The Eternal Return“ (Public in Private/Clément Layes), “Social Muscle Club“ (Sophiensaele, Theatertreffen Shifting Perspectives). He is developing a new production with Hanna Hegenscheidt to premiere at Uferstudios in 2019. Chris also makes performances with Richard Aslan as Once We Were Islands. 

Martin Hansen

Martin Hansen is a choreographer and dancer. He is interested in economies of time, and is fascinated by the inhabitation of state and the production of affect in the act of performance. His works “If Its All In My Veins“ and “Monumental“ have toured through Australia, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy and Finland. He has collaborated with numerous artists across the world, and was named Dancer of the Year in 2012 by the magazine tanz.

Boris Hauf

Multi-intrumentalist, composer, producer and performer Boris Hauf composes for large and small ensembles, performance artists (continuously with the choreographers Christina Ciupke, Martin Nachbar, Karen Christopher), film, radio, soloists, video and installation art. He curated the annual composition festival Chicago Sound Map in Chicago and the concert series Playdate in Berlin. Boris is the keyboarder/ multi-instrumentalist of legendary rock band Naked Lunch, owns and runs the independent record label shameless.

Hermann Heisig

Hermann Heisig works with choreography and dance. Born 1981 in Leipzig, Hermann started creating numerous improvised solo performances in galleries and clubs. Following his education in Berlin and Montpellier, he began working as a dancer with artists including Martine Pisani, Meg Stuart, Begum Erciyas, Thomas Lehmen and Julian Weber. He has collaborated with artists including Nuno Lucas, Anne Zacho Sogaard, Elpida Orfanidou, Diana Wesser and Pieter Ampe. Hermann’s works withstand efficiency and celebrate uneasiness. 

Raphael Hillebrand

In 2014, Raphael Hillebrand received a MA Choreography at HZT Berlin. However, hip hop was at the starting point of his dancing career and so he is still a member of groups such as Battle Squad and Animatronik. Born in Hongkong and raised in Berlin, Raphael works as choreo­grapher, curator and dancer at German theatre institutions such as Theater Freiburg and Staatstheater Oldenburg, as well as at international theatres such as Sadler’s Wells London and Théâtre National de Chaillot Paris, to mention a few.

Josefin Hinders

Josefin Hinders works as a light / stage designer and visual artist. She studied visual arts, metal work and design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and works in theater, music and film where she takes over diverse roles (lights, set design, directing). She was involved in projects with Robyn, Shake It Collaborations / Tove Sahlin, Ful, Rebecca & Fiona, Stina Nyberg, Juli Reinartz, Helena Sandström Cruz, The Knife, and is currently working with Eleanor Baur and Fever Ray. Under the name Fula Edith, she exhibits as a visual artist.

Jassem Hindi

Jassem Hindi is a French Lebanese/Palestinian performer, sound artist, and writer. His last two works are “Laundry of Legends“ (produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin), a mixed art piece on Arab female death poetry, and “Stranger within“ (produced by TRAP in Oslo) in collaboration with Mia Habib, a long term research/performance displayed in galleries and museums, looking at Eco-poetry in northern Norway. His last recent collaborators are Ligia Lewis, Eoghan Ryan, Keith Hennessy and Sina Seifee.

Carolin Hochleichter

Carolin Hochleichter is a dramaturge. In 2003, she was head of the international theatre festival transeuropa and assistant to Matthias Lilienthal during the founding period of HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Together with Hannah Hurtzig, she designed the project “Mobile Akademie”, among others, and worked as a dramaturg for Barbara Mundel at Theater Freiburg. From 2012 to 2017, she worked at Berliner Festspiele and since 2016, she works as a freelance dramaturg for Ruhrtriennale.

Neo Hülcker

Neo Hülcker is a composer and performer whose work focuses on music as anthropological research in everyday life environments. His* compositions evolve as situations, performance-installations, actions and interventions, and deal with digital subculture (like ASMR), childhood, human-animal-relations, queer practice and cultural hacking.


Renen Itzhaki

Renen Itzhaki is an artist at the intersection of the fields of performance art, dance, text and video. He holds a BA from HZT Berlin. His pieces were shown in different venues in Germany, Israel, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Brazil. In 2018, he hosted the Biennale for Dance Education (HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin) together with the choreographer Cécile Bally and performed in the video work “LIMINALS” by Jeremy Shaw for the 57th Venice Biennale.

Taavet Jansen

Taavet Jansen is a performer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist working simultaneously in the theatre, electronic art and audiovisual scenes. He has collaborated with numerous internationally acknowledged ar­tists and institutions. He belongs to MIMproject – a freeform creative association, uniting artists interested in touchpoints between technology, theatre, applied art, sound art and new media and studied at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and Tallinn University, among others.

Just in F. Kennedy

Just in F. Kennedy is a dance artist/teacher from the Virgin Islands. In 2006, he earned a BA in Dance and Ethnic Studies from Wesleyan University, and in 2013, a MA in Choreography from HZT Berlin. He has performed with and for Ligia Lewis, Isabel Lewis, Tino Sehgal, Jeremy Wade, Peaches, and Faustin Linyekula, among others. Just in‘s current projects include “101: An Ode to Love and Death,“ a science fiction opera work with his art boyband BOYZ in the WOODS, Adam Linder‘s “Choreographic Service No. 5,“ and Liz Kinoshita‘s “You Can‘t Take It With You.“

Gyung Moo Kim

Gyung Moo Kim wrote in his notebook on June 23: “These guys are xxxxing nuts! How did I end up in this delirious revolution?” And then he wrote: “You god damn hope, you blinded me with the same squeezing pleasure in the heart and once again put me in another Catch-22.” He also wrote: “Like a snake eating his own tail”, and then: “There is no way back, it’s all xxxxed.” And, finally he wrote: “You got me, I am here.”

Hyoung-Min Kim

Hyoung-Min Kim, dancer and choreographer, studied at Korea National University, EDDC Arnhem and at DAS Choreography in Amsterdam. Since 2004, she has been collaborating with various Berlin-based choreographers such as Toula Limnaios, Constanza Macras, Nir De Volff, or Alessio Castellacci, to name a few. Since 2001, she has developed pieces and choreographies. For her “Gelbe Landschaften“ and “The Story of Those who Left,“ she received the Best Choreography Award 2014 in South Korea. 

Bettina Knaup

Bettina Knaup (Berlin) is an independent curator and researcher with a focus on performance and gender. She has co-curated numerous festivals and exhibitions, among them the long term exhibition and archive project “re.act.feminism – a performing archive” (Akademie der Künste Berlin, Antoni Tapies Foundation Barcelona, Tallinn Art Hall, among others). She publishes and lectures internationally, collaborates regularly with artists and is currently a PhD research fellow at the Drama Department of Roehampton University, London. 

Zoë Knights

Zoë Knights has performed dangling from helicopters, danced for royalty, and recorded vocals for award-winning bands. She works as a choreographer, and performer, in her own work and in that of others, e.g. Brice Leroux, Martin Nachbar, Jana Unmüßig, Mia Lawrence, Krystina Lhotakova, Cabula6. She teaches and mentors BA and MA level students. Her recent choreographic work deals with abstraction of non-dance movement into choreographic form, exploring how voice emerges from the body.

Bettina Kogler

Bettina Kogler. Studied communication and ethnology. Until 2003, production manager for several Austrian dance and performance companies. From 2003 to 2012, artistic director of the imagetanz festival. From 2007 to 2012, curator at brut Vienna. 2008 and 2011, co-curator of sommerszene Salzburg. From 2013 to 2017, artistic director of the performance department at WUK. 2017, curator for performance at donaufestival. Since 2018, artistic director of Tanzquartier Wien.

Julek Kreutzer

Julek Kreutzer is a performer based in Berlin. She stu­died at the HZT Berlin on the BA Programme Dance, Context, Choreography. She is a founding member of the association Tänzer ohne Grenzen e.V. As a performer she worked for Lina Gómez, Anna Till, Bella Hager, Ania Nowak and Lyllie Rouvière. Since 2012, she creates solo and collaboratively, with Diethild Meier, Fred Gehrig and Jofe D’mahl. She is co-initiator of the “Artist’s Pledge.“

Mattef Kuhlmey

Mattef Kuhlmey (Berlin) has created music for silent films with the Band ALP since 1998. He is co-owner of the music label Fortschritt Musik and a music teacher for the tri-national project “Laterna Futuri.” Matthef works as a composer and live musician for Hyoung Min Kim, Jo Parkes, Gabriele Reuter, Nico and the Navigators, Deborah Hay, Rabih Mroué, Jan Martens and the DanceOn Ensamble. As a sound designer, he works for Thalia Theater Hamburg, Salzburger Festspiele, Constaza Macras / Dorky Park, TwoFish and Gisèle Vienne, among others.

Björn Kuajara

Björn Kuajara was born and raised in Stockholm. In high school, he started to be interested in the technical side of performative arts. In the following, he worked for several years as stage technician at the city theater and Dansens Hus in Stockholm. Later on, he was local crew and on tour with various music acts, drag and magic shows in and outside of Sweden. Since 2013, he works at MDT as technical director and, here, basically does everything: from washing the floor over technical set up to, occasionally, light design. 

Dan Lancea

Dan Lancea was born in communist Romania and raised in post-communism. His interests in aesthetics and human nature led to him studying architecture in Bucharest and São Paulo. He works as an architect, set designer and graphic and installation artist.

Xavier Le Roy

Xavier Le Roy holds a doctorate in molecular biology and has worked as artist since 1991. Through his solo works, he has opened new perspectives in the field of choreography. His works produce situations that question the relationships between spectators/visitors and performers and are an attempt to transform or reconfigure dichotomies such as: object / subject, animal / human, machine / human, nature / culture, public / private, form / unform. Since 2018, he works as professor at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Gießen.

André Lewski

André Lewski works internationally as a freelance performer, director, and voice coach. He made his debut at Volksbühne Berlin, and was part of productions in theatres in Freiburg, Stuttgart and Munich. In recent years, he has been working continuously as a performer and director with Theater-Arbeit-Duisburg, and creates his own pieces with Lee Méir, among others.

Marc Lohr

Marc Lohr plays drums and/or electronics with a special emphasis on improvisation. He composes music for instruments, moving bodies and electronic machines. Marc Lohr is involved in the Berlin party collective lecken.

Marc Lohr/Lecken on fb


Don Mabley-Allen

Don Mabley-Allen is a dance and theater artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His recent work includes co-directing “ACT II”, an original devised work created by refugee and European artists and presented by the Schaubühne Theater/Suite 42, and dancing for choreographers Karen Sherman and Saori Hala. He is one-seventh of the dance collective Edgar C. In July 2017, he completed Tanzfabrik Berlin‘s 10-month Dance Intensive program. He is an avid fermenter of food.

Felix Marchand

Felix Marchand studied at the Erika Klütz school (School for dance pedagogy) in Hamburg/Germany and at the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem / Netherlands. In 2009, he finished his MA in Solo Dance Authorship (SoDA) at HZT in Berlin. Since 2002, he has been creating his own work in collaboration with Ayara Hernández and invited colleagues in Montevideo and Berlin under the name Lupita Pulpo. 

Sergiu Matis

Contaminated with ballet technique at an early age in freshly post-communist Romania, Sergiu Matis is looking now for a new virtuosity, learning from the machines, scrambling fragments of history, skipping and swiping through archives – both personal or belonging to Western dance history. He likes playing with language in the form of performative texts, choreographing meaning and ideas, flirting with poetry and theory, with a pinch of visceral filth and groovy noises in there too.

Sheena McGrandles

Sheena McGrandles has a BA in Dance Theatre (Laban Center London) and an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship (HZT Berlin). She received the Choreographic Bursary Award from DanceHouse Dublin as well as numerous commissions, including the work “Bounty” (2016) developed together with Claire Vivianne Sobottke, commissioned by the festival Tanznacht Berlin. From 2013–2018, she was part of the artistic research team at HZT Berlin. McGrandles has been leading the Agora Collective since 2017. She works with artists including Eva Meyer-Keller, Isabelle Schad and Daniel Kok.

Lee Méir

Lee Méir (D/IL) is a choreographer and performer. Her work examines states of paradox and the tension(s) between language, movement and meaning. Her pieces are presented in platforms such as: Tanz im August Berlin, Brighton Festival, and Tanzquartier Wien, among others. In January 2018, the collective work “Across the Middle, Past the East, an Unsettled Cabaret,“ initiated by herself and Roni Katz, premiered at Sophiensaele. At the beginning of August 2018, she premiered her new Solo “Line Up“ in the frame of AUSUFERN.

Noa Lara Meir

Noa Lara Meir is an Israeli aerial dancer, choreographer and physical performer, currently based in Jaffa. Noa graduated from the Sandciel School for Contemporary Circus in 2014 with a diploma in performance arts. She has presented work at the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival and the Toronto Circus Sessions, among others. Her works examine the boundaries of both the physical body and the mind, and touch on the subjects of body schema, expectations and the moment in which they break.

The Mineralwasser Kollektiv

The Mineralwasser Kollektiv is an international group of cross-disciplinary performers based in Berlin.  Formed in April 2018, the company has seven members (Kuba Borkowicz, Bernardo Chatillon, Jason Corff, Jorge De Hoyos, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Minna Partanen, and Rhyannon Styles) who collaborate to build environments structured around movement, community, and music.

Andreas A. Müller

Andreas A. Müller dances, performs, teaches, coaches, writes and sings. He has been collaborating with Joséphine Evrard, Meg Stuart, TwoFish, Angela Schubot, Volker März, cultura Hildesheim, PeterLicht & Esther Struck, Peter Stamer, M. Riebort, M. Härenstam, Jess Curtis, L. Glass, Bernadette LaHengst, D. Heitkamp, L. Gessler, happysystem, Boris Charmatz and Rosalind Crisp. In 2004, Andreas received a dance grant by the Berlin Senate. In 2007, Bo Wiget and Andreas founded the art-brut combo Beide Messies.

Gisela Müller

Gisela Müller studied dance in Paris, Amsterdam (SNDO) and New York. She was a member of several dance companies before founding The Move Company in 1992. Since 2004, she is board member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, as well as artistic and educational director of the school of Tanzfabrik Berlin. From 2006 to 2010, she was a visiting professor at HZT Berlin where she co-directed the BA study program. Since 2012, she is an active member of the east European network for performing art Nomad Dance Academy. 

Martin Nachbar

Martin Nachbar, choreographer, teacher and writer, worked for choreographers such as Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen, Jochen Roller and Meg Stuart. Since 2004, he has choreographed more than 30 pieces such as “Urheben Aufheben” reconstructing by Dore Hoyers “Affectos Humanos,“ and “Animal Dances“ in which he explores the relation between animals and humans. Since 2008, Martin has been teaching for institutions such as Trinity Laban, P.A.R.T.S., SNDO, SEAD, HZT, FU Berlin and Universität Hamburg. 

Ania Nowak

Ania Nowak’s expanded choreographic practice approaches vulnerability and desire as ways towards reimagining what bodies and language can do. She researches love as a strategy of generating knowledge with a focus on affective economies of care and companionship, as well as redefining sensuality. Her works have been presented at Sophiensaele and AdK in Berlin; Nowy Teatr, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona and Kulturhuset in Stockholm, among others.

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka, dance maker and Saphire® practitioner, weaves her artistic research out of imagery work, dreaming principles, and attentive embodiment. She has been expanding this kaleidoscopic approach during her PhD studies at the Polish Film School in Łódź. Anna’s work has been recognized by the DAAD Prize, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, and Tanzstipendium from the city of Berlin. The research is only possible through continuous production support from the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań.

Dietrich Oberländer

Dietrich Oberländer is founder of artblau Tanzwerkstatt in Braunschweig, a production center for contemporary dance built on his own with much love, in which he has offered artist residencies and promotes young choreographers since the 90s. He is a producer as well as a mentor, lighting designer, bass player, trombonist and is reknown as a gardener of the hearts.

Lulu Obermayer

After studying acting in New York and performance in Scotland, Lulu Obermayer graduated from the MA Solo Dance Authorship program at HZT in Berlin in 2017. In her performances, she isolates female characters from operas with the aim of exploring their ontology anew. Her performances have been presented at HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Münchner Kammerspiele, Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles and the Trente Trente Festival in Bordeaux.

Paul O’Neill 

Program at the Center for Curatorial Studies (CCS), Bard College. Paul is widely regarded as a research-oriented curator and leading scholar of curatorial practice, public art and exhibition histories. Paul has held numerous curatorial and research positions over the last twenty years and he has taught on many curatorial and visual arts programs in Europe and the UK.

Elpida Orfanidou

Elpida Orfanidou studied dance, piano and pharmaceutics in Athens, Arnhem, Montpellier and London. She works together with artists including Hermann Heisig, Juan Perno, Alma Toaspern, Pieter Ampe, Simone Truong, Anna Massoni, Adina Secretan, Eilit Marom. Her projects take place in Berlin, Athens, Brisbane, Madrid, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Paris. In 2017, Elpida created “PHARMACIST or BALLOONIST” together with invited guests, a dance & herbs lab that is currently being expanded to a broader research on the multi-echoing encounter between traditional herbal healing and art.

Jayson Patterson

Jayson Patterson works collaboratively across different performance and visual arts contexts. He completed the SMASH program in Body, Dance and Performance in Berlin in 2017 and holds a Master of Art (Arts in Public Spaces) from RMIT University, Melbourne. Jayson is a recipient of the 2018 DanceWeb scholarship from the Vienna ImPulsTanz Festival. He has performed for Alex Baczynski-Jenkins and Trajal Harrell and collaborates with Ania Nowak, as well as in pieces in Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, London, Paris and Łódź.

Mila Pavićević

Mila Pavićević is a dramaturge and writer, currently residing somewhere between Berlin, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. She doesn’t believe in the idea of the writer as a solo act, preferring to work interdisciplinarily in collaboration with other artists. Her field of interest includes the theatre of Samuel Beckett and Bertolt Brecht, architecture and non-places, pseudo-documentarism, the punk movement, superhero action movies, writing travelogues and diaries, and the soothing tones of Croatian popular music.

Peter Pleyer

Peter Pleyer studied dance at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem. He worked as dancer and choreographic assistant with Yoshiko Chuma (New York) and Mark Tompkins (Paris). In 2000, Peter moved to Berlin and developed “choreographing books” (2005). In 2014, he successfully resumed his choreographic work with the solo “Ponderosa Trilogy” and the quartet “Visible Undercurrent”. In November 2017, his group choreography “cranky bodies dance reset” was performed at Sophiensaele Berlin.

Bruno Pocheron

Bruno Pocheron studied visual arts in France, lives in Berlin. He works internationally as a light designer, technical director, set designer and sound designer. He initiated, with Isabelle Schad and Ben Anderson, the collaborative framework Good Work. He‘s currently involved in stage projects with apparatus, Judith Depauke, Mette Edvardsen, Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren , Nikolina Komljenovic, Martin Nachbar, Isabelle Schad and Doris Uhlich. He co-organizes Wiesenburghalle (Wiesen55 e.V.). 

Benjamin Pohlig

Benjamin Pohlig is a choreographer from Berlin. In his work, he explores the theater as an agora, a place in which social and political behaviors are not only practiced, but are also experienced physically. This concept appears across his works, including the participatory solo “dance yourself clean,” and his collaborations “5 seasons” (2016) and “A Farewell to Flesh” (2017). As a dancer, he works with Martin Nachbar, Isabelle Schad, Grayson Millwood and Zoë Knights, as well as internationally with Pierre Droulers and Renan Martins. 

Eliza Posny

Eliza Posny studied Theatre Science and Cultural and Media Management in Vienna and Hamburg. From 2012 to 2014, she was part of the management team of the youth culture festival plattform organised by Ernst Deutsch Theatre. From 2015 to 2017, she coordinated the funding procedures of Elbkulturfonds anchored in the Ministry of Culture and Media in Hamburg. Since 2017, Eliza works as a freelance project coordinator, e.g. for K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg and Elbphilharmonie.

Thomas Proksch

Thomas Proksch’s choreographic interest lies in the intersection of artistic disciplines such as performance, installation, improvisation, music (sound-generation/DJing), voice. Since 2013: Interpretation and Remix of works by the artist Tino Sehgal. Since 2014: happenings and anarchistic concerts with the vocal beat collective BOYZ IN THE WOODS, together with Balz Isler, Just in F. Kennedy, Gael Cleinow. In 2018, he premiered the solo “LE_GO” at “Welt ohne Außen” at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin. Further: collaborations with numerous directors and choreographers in Europe.

Ann-Kathrin Reimers

Ann-Kathrin Reimers studied Theatre Science in Berlin and Copenhagen as well as Literature, Culture and Media Sciences in Siegen. Since 2013, she works as a project manager and dramaturge in the fields of contemporary dance and cultural education as freelancer and in institutions, e.g. Junge Deutsche Oper Berlin, Theater an der Parkaue, deter | müller | martini. Since 2016, she is responsible for the department of dance education and Young K3 at K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg.

Juli Reinartz

Juli Reinartz works in Stockholm and Berlin. After her Master in 2013, she received a residency at the Royal Institute of Arts Stockholm where she did research on concert formats music and collectivity. The pieces “we are not in this together yet“ and “Atlantic,“ which developed out of this research, were shown at various international venues. “You said you’d give it to me – soon as you were free“ premiered in 2016 and the collaboration “Tanzabend 4“ with Theater Thikwa continued  her research on cyborg feminism in November 2017.

Ingo Reulecke

After completing his training in contemporary dance, Ingo Reulecke studied choreography at HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. There he was appointed director of the dance department between 2006 and 2013. Between 2006 and 2012, he was member of the board of directors for HZT Berlin. In his artistic work, Ingo focuses on methods of live composition in connection with live music. Essential for his projects is his individual pursuit of nature in projects such as “Panke-Walk,“ “Bergdenken,“ “Urbanscape“, and “The experiental Gröndal walk.


Julia Rodríguez

Julia Rodríguez is a Mexican-born artist that lives and works between Berlin and Mexico City.  Her artistic practice is situated within the performing arts field and unfolds in various environments. In her current work, she explores the gap between word and meaning, the politics of expectation, and the spaces between desires and routines. She choreographs languages, situations, objects and dances. Furthermore she develops projects with other artists both as a collaborator and as a performer. 

Orlando Rodriguez

Orlando Rodriguez, born in 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela, is a body worker in the performative sense of body work. He likes to challenge his collaborators in finding specific ways of addressing emotions, body language and contact with the audience, with regard to the pulse of time. His strong basis in Chavism makes him an organic participant to tackle the post-democratic questions in the context of the 100th Year of the Revolution.

Paz Rojo

Paz Rojo, choreographer and dancer, investigates the autonomy of dance in the context of contemporary production values. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts with the project entitled “the decline of choreography and its movement: the subaltern pathway.” A research linked to various institutions and different contexts in Europe and Latin America, including the collective performance “lo que sea moviéndose así (whatever moving like this) ” (2011), the video-essay “Dancsimo” (2014) and the performance “Eclipse Mundo” (2018). 

Martins Rokis

Martins Rokis, aka N1L, has been working with sound in different contexts since the age of 12, when he started to make his first creations using his mother’s synthesizer to escape the meaningless void of a small eastern European village in the middle of nowhere. Combining his different backgrounds, aesthetic influences, bipolar tendencies and education in philosophy and programming, he is interested in music that is both cerebral and physical.

Liz Rosenfeld

Liz Rosenfeld works in film / video and live performance. She explores questions on queer ecologies and concepts of how history and the ways in which it is lived can be queered. She is part of the film collective NowMomentNow and founding member of the food performance group foodGASM. Her films are represented by Video Data Bank and LUX Moving Image and were screened in various international museums and theaters. In 2017, she was Goethe-Institute Artist In Residence at LUX Moving Image and her solo “If You Ask Me What I Want, I’ll Tell You. I Want Everything,” premiered at Sophiensaele.

Tian Rotteveel

Tian Rotteveel studied composition from 2002 to 2009 at the Königliches Konservatorium in The Hague and Utrecht and went on to study dance and choreography at HZT Berlin through 2014. As a composer and choreographer, he focuses on the relationship between movement, sound and language as energetic artistic forms of equal value. For Rotteveel, sound and movement create a process that evolves both into meaning/language/music as well as sheer sentiment and intensity. 

Tucké Royale

Tucké Royale studied Judaism and Puppetry in Berlin. His two solo shows received international recognition and were performed in Russia, Croatia, France and the Nether­lands. Since 2012, he has collaborated with Hans Unstern. Royale is known as a multi-disciplinary artist who works in the fields of literature, music and theater. Together with Unstern and Black Cracker as a producer, he founded BOIBAND with their debut album “The Year I Broke My Voice“ in 2017.

Stefan Rusconi

Stefan Rusconi studied jazz piano at the Zurich University of the Arts. He has been releasing music and touring with his band RUSCONI, Fred Frith, Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave), Dieter Meier (Yello), among others, and collaborated with artists such as Pipilotti Rist, Roman Signer and Meg Stuart. He played at Montreux Jazzfestival, Jarasum Festival Korea, Fusion, London Jazzfestival, Überjazz Festival, Jazz à la Défense, Garana Jazzfestival, among others. He runs his own label Qilin Records and also writes music for theatre and film.

Annegret Schalke

Annegret Schalke studied Mathematics, as well as Choreography/Dance at HZT Berlin. She works as a choreographer and dancer (with Kat Válastur and Julian Weber, among others) and as a lighting designer for works in the field of dance/performance including “(b)reaching stillness” and “The End of the Alphabet” by Lea Moro, and “EXODUS” by Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt and Andreas Liebmann. From 2014 to 2015, she took part in the Gangplank residencies for light, sound and video artists in Zagreb and Berlin, and received the DanceWeb grant by the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna.

Thomas Schaupp

Thomas Schaupp, based in Berlin and Oslo, works as a freelance dance dramaturge and collaborates with se­veral choreographers and choreographic centres. He is a teacher and mentor at the HZT Berlin and facilitates workshops on dance dramaturgy internationally. In 2017, he co-founded and curated the new Danish conference format Lab:Dance. Furthermore, he curates and facilitates an on-going cultural exchange program on Dance Dramaturgy in China initiated by Ibsen International. 

Angela Schubot

Angela Schubot (Berlin) is a choreographer, researcher, artist and bodywork-healer. She develops solos, most recent the trilogy “Körper ohne Macht.“ Together with Martin Clausen, she founded the former group Two Fish (2000-2012). Since 2009, she has worked with Jared Gradinger developing pieces about the topic of debordering of the body and plant consciousness. She also worked together with Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir (2011-2015) and with Robert Steijn (2016). Schubot teaches movement research and has an education in Perceptive Pedagogy/Method Danis Bois. 


Irene Sieben

Irene Sieben, dance pedagogue, Feldenkrais practitioner and journalist, works in dance and somatic learning since 1969. She was educated in Berlin by Mary Wigman, among others, and joined the first independent post-war companies of contemporary dance in Berlin, Group Motion and Neuer Tanz Berlin. Irene is the co-founder of Tanz Tangente Berlin (1981). As a contemporary witness, she coached Sylvie Guillem (1998), Fabiàn Barba (2008), Christina Ciupke/Anna Till (2014) during their reenactments of dances by and movement qualities of Mary Wigman.

Martin Sieweke

In his approach, Martin Sieweke aims to work with objects or materials by detaching them from their intentional usage, working in a sculptural way rather than following a certain form or method. The material’s basic features such as texture, weight or color have the ­strongest impact on his artistic research. He is involved in set and costume design of performance productions and is currently studying accessory design in Pforzheim.

Yoni Silver

Yoni Silver is a multidisciplinary musician and performer based in London. He has performed with musicians such as Steve Noble, Birgit Ulher, Dylan Nyoukis, Sharon Gal, Toshimaru Nakamura, Mark Sanders, Hyperion Ensemble and his compositions have been played by ensembles in Israel and the UK. He has also played and arranged music for pop musicians, film, and art installations, and appeared as stage performer in productions by Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Nava Frenkel and Naama Schendar.

Leticia Skrycky

Scenic designer and creator Leticia Skrycky uses light design to launch into research on co-creation practices and relations between humans, non-humans, disciplines and languages, creating work in dialogue with others, eg. Santiago Turenne & Vera Garat; Santiago Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Ruétalo, Erika del Pino & Fabrizio Rossi, and Alina Folini & Luciana Chieregati. She is a designer and technical director for João Fiadeiro, Perro Rabioso / Tamara Cubas and coordinator of the international festival FIDCU (Uruguay).

Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Claire Vivianne Sobottke understands her work as place of resistance and undoing, where norms of thinking and seeing can be changed. In 2017, she was mentioned as ‚Hoffnungsträgerin Tanz‘ in the magazine Tanz and received the Fm4 audience Award from the ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna for her solo “strange songs“, in which voice, sound and language drive choreography and content. In 2017, she also initiated “Amazonas“, aiming to support young female artists in Berlin. Collaborations with Meg Stuart, Tino Sehgal, Tian Rotteveel, Sheena Mc Grandles, among others.

Diletta Sperman

As a former student of biomolecular science, Diletta Sperman is fascinated by what chemistry, physics and biology have to do with things we romantically consider unique and irrational at the same time: identity, wishes and behaviour. She sees her body as a tool and a place for her knowledge to go deeper – enjoying the travel between a common ground, ruled by anatomy, ending up in considerations and perspectives that can be partially predicted but are mostly affected by personal experiences and cultural context.

Peter Stammer

In his artistic projects, Peter Stamer, director, performer, and mentor, often takes on strategies of story-telling. Aside theatre pieces such as “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense“ and performative installations such as “26 Letters To Deleuze,“ he regularly collaborates with the Vienna-based theatre group toxic dreams. As curator, Peter was responsible for two editions of the festival Tanz­nacht Berlin (2008 and 2010). He is co-editor of the art book “How to Collaborate?“


Fedde ten Berge

Fedde ten Berge (1983) is an Amsterdam-based sound artist and instrument builder who creates work across different contexts and disciplines. Fedde builds interactive sound installations, which can both be performed or operated independently. He is the artistic coordinator at STEIM in Amsterdam. He organizes exhibitions and presents his own works at STEIM. He is a teacher to conser­vatory students in the field of instrument design, electronics, sensor strategies, data mapping and programming.

Karol Tyminski

Karol Tyminski is a choreographer and a performer. He graduated from the Warsaw Ballet Academy and from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, and co-founded the Centrum w Ruchu [Centre In Motion] Choreographers Workspace. He focuses on creating motion that explores the structure of the human body as a physical matter. In his transgressive brutalist dance, he oscillates between physical labor and ritual, thoroughly penetrating the performer‘s physicality, and at the same time reaching his emotional dimension.

Hans Unstern

Hans Unstern writes songs and poetry and received ­recognition for his self-built harps. The debut album “Kratz Dich Raus“ and the follow up “The Great Hans Unstern Swindle“ introduced Unstern as an unpredictable singer-songwriter and an expert in pop discourse. Since 2014, Unstern has also starred as a musician and performance artist in the context of international dance and theater plays. Unstern, Royale and Black Cracker founded BOIBAND and released their album “The Year I Broke My Voice“ in 2017. 

Stellan Veloce

Stellan Veloce is a composer and performer. They received a degree as a cellist and currently study musical composition with Prof. Daniel Ott at UdK Berlin. Veloce works as a composer, employing repetitive structures and narratives, and as a musician. The spectrum of their work ranges from pop music to free improvisation. Collaborators include: Neo Hülcker, Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat, Julian Weber, The Agency, Hannah Weinberger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Doris Schmid, Kyle Bellucci Johanson, Serenus Zeitblom Octet and Owen Roberts.

Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias

Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias is a performer and performance maker. He has always been singing, and started dancing when studying linguistics. In 2005/06, he was part of the Essais program at CNDC in Angers (France). In 2010, he was awarded the danceWEB scholarship in the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna, and was selected in 2013 for the Encounters of Young Makers and Critics of Performance at FTA in Montreal (Canada). In 2015, he graduated in “Perceptive + Somatic Psychoeducation” at Fernando Pessoa University in Porto, Portugal.

Nir Vidan

Nir Vidan is a choreographer, performer and dramaturge. His recent choreographic works were presented at Room Dance Festival (Jaffa and Jerusalem, 2014), Dance Arena Festival (Jerusalem, 2016), and Dance in Response Festival (Hamburg, 2016). He is a graduate of HZT Berlin (2015), and the B.Ed. program for Dance-Theatre at the Kibbutzim College of Education (Tel-Aviv, 2011).

Lucie Vítková

Lucie Vítková is a composer, improviser and performer (accordion, hichiriki, synthesizer, voice and tap dance) from the Czech Republic, lately, based in New York. In her recent work, she has been interested in the social-political aspects of music and in reusing trash to build sonic costumes. She has been nominated on 2017 Herb Alpert Awards and was awarded 2018 Roulette Artist Residency. As an accordion player, she has collaborated with TAK Ensemble, Argento Ensemble, Ghost Ensemble and Wet Ink. 

Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is a performer, performance maker, curator and teacher. He graduated from the School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam in 2000. He premiered his first piece, “Glory” at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City in 2006, for which he received a Bessie Award. Since then, Wade has been living in Berlin and working closely with the HAU Hebbel am Ufer. His recent works include “Death Asshole Rave Video“ and “DrawnOnward“, both dealing with the death of man, zombie subjectivity and the precarious body situated in advanced capitalism such as the piece “Between Sirens.“

Litó Walkey

Choreographer and performer Litó Walkey explores the potential of re-routing natural trajectories of attention within language and performance. She was project editor of the publication “as if it‘s just about to happen“ and has recently created performances with WELD company in Stockholm, Ballet Contemporaneio do Norto in Porto and Labor Sonor‘s Moving Music Festival in Berlin. From 2013 to 2016 she was head of HZT Berlin‘s BA Dance Context Choreography program and from 2002 to 2009 she was a member of the Chicago-based performance group Goat Island.

Maria Walser

Maria Walser increasingly overcame the feeling of falling silent while dancing. Meaning, she began to speak while moving. Her passion for the straightforwardness of language grew and she started to act in the theater. Having landed there, she started to miss yet again the satiating meaninglessness of movement. And so, she started to make her own work. This step allowed her to access passion and fear in a new way, which culminated in her becoming a mother to a small superhero. 

Julian Weber

Julian Weber, choreographer, dancer and visual artist, studied at HBK Braunschweig, Academy of Arts Vienna, HZT Berlin and the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. He works intensively on spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement. He collaborated with artists such as Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Sehgal, and creates his own work at the intersection of visual and performance art. With his work “the tourist,“ he won the Berlin Art Prize 2015.

Maya Weinberg

Maya Weinberg is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. She was a teacher at the Yasmeen Godder School in Tel-Aviv, The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, Smash Berlin, and HZT Berlin, among others. Since 2008, she has been creating her own works, often collaborating with artists in the fields of dance, visual arts and performance. In her work, she is interested in raising basic questions about the medium of performance while offering unexpected ways of dealing with the tragic-comic gap that exists between language and unexpressed intentions.

Günther Wilhelm

Günther Wilhelm graduated from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten/MA Choreography. He was a long-time member of VA Wölfl’s NEUER TANZ and collaborated with Dumb Type and Anna Huber, among others. In 2001, together with artist Mariola Groener, he founded the label WILHELM GROENER. So far WILHELM GROENER has realized over 20 stage works, as well as numerous versions of their long-time performance project “33 SKIZZEN,“ several video works and publications.


Frank Willens

Frank Willens, Californian, dancer, choreographer, interpreter, actor, tour manager, father, beat-boxer, marathon-runner, lives in Berlin since 2003. His art associates include Tino Sehgal, Meg Stuart, Falk Richter, Laurent Chétouane, Boris Charmatz, Tilman Hecker, and Peter Stamer. His own projects include “Schweigstück“ (2011), “Towards Another Miraculous “(2014) and “sixty minutes towards being here“ (2017). In 2015 and 2016, Frank developed art projects for Leeds and Kunst­museum Bonn.

Laurie Young

Choreographer and dancer Laurie Young is interested in the embodiment of unauthorized histories. Founding member of Sasha Waltz & Guests, she was also part of the ensemble of Schaubühne Berlin. Laurie’s works include the installation performance “Natural Habitat“ (2011) and “Korinna und Jörg“ (2015). For “How to Not be a Stuffed Animal,“ she creates choreographic audio guides for Natural History Museums together with anthropologist Susanne Schmitt. Laurie is currently a fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation Arts and Science in Motion.

Sigal Zouk

The dancer Sigal Zouk was a member of the Sasha Waltz Company from 1999 to 2004. In 2005, she began collaborating with choreographer Meg Stuart – as dancer, choreographic advisor and outside eye. In 2007, she engaged in a long-term collaboration with Laurent Chétouane. During the past years, she has developed and refined her teaching practice which has led her to teaching assignments at institutions including Tanzfabrik Berlin, HZT Berlin, University for Music and Dance Cologne, DDSKS Copenhagen, Ponderosa Stolzenhagen and DOCH Stockholm.