Xavier Le Roy «Untitled (2014)» Berlin Premiere


24.8. 19.00, Studio 14, (app 60 min), EN, 14 / 9 Euro


This three-part evening uses a fictive case of memory loss as an opportunity to produce a social situation between the audience and performer – beyond the roles prescribed to them in the theater. While seeming not to move forward, the piece illuminates in its audience all of the mental and theatrical possibilities present onstage in the darkness (of remembrance). “Untitled (2014)” marks the first presentation of Xavier Le Roy’s work in Berlin after much time. The piece references his work “Untitled” from 2005 and outlines the subjective multiplicity of recent dance history. 

Conceived and performed by: Xavier Le Roy / Technical director: Bruno Moinard / Mannequins by: Coco Petitpierre / Rehearsal assistant: Scarlet Yu / Organization: Vincent Cavaroc and Fanny Herserant – Illusion & Macadam / Production: Le Kwatt 

Coproduction: Théâtre de la Cité Internationale – Paris, Festival d’Automne à Paris 2014, PACT Zollverein – Essen, Kaaitheater – Brussels, Festival Theaterformen Hanovre.

Le Kwatt is supported by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile-de-France

Photo: Jamie North / Kaldor Public Art Projects

Diego Gil / Igor Dobričić / Oihana Altube & Paz Rojo / Pablo Fontdevila / Tian Rotteveel / Felix Marchand / Theresia Knevel «THE H ALF»


24.8. 20.00, 25.8. 20.00, 27.8. 18.00, Studio 11, (45 – 60 min), 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 24.08.

Tickets 25.08.

Tickets 27.08.

With “THE H ALF”, two choreographers, a musician and a light designer challenge new forms of artistic interaction and speculate about alternative models of community, employing a strategy of imperfection to distance themselves from the socially accepted concept of the individual and the group as a unit. A radical differentiation between individual desires and abilities serves to manifest future forms of connectivity and expression. Revised edition of the production from 2010.

Choreography, Dramaturgy: Diego Gil / Dramaturgy, Choreography: Igor Dobricic / Performance, Choreography: Oihana Altube, Paz Rojo / Performance, Light, Choreography: Pablo Fontdevila / Performance, Choreography: Felix Marchand / Performance, Sound, Choreography: Tian Rotteveel / Set, Costumes, Designs: Theresia Knevel 

With the support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Wiederaufnahme Funds, and Stichiting Table Talk. In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, Veem House for Performance Amsterdam and Concordia University Montreal.

Photo: Theresia Knevel 

Sergiu Matis «Neverendings» Season 1&2


24.8. 20.30, 25.8. 19.30, Studio 12, (195 min), EN, 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 24.8.

Tickets 25.8.

100 years since the October Revolution! With its dynamic tempo, this marathon anniversary celebration is an episodic choreographic journey spanning the political events from the time of 1917 through to today’s Russia in the style of reality TV. Through dance, song and choral speech, the six performers come to grips with communist worldviews with both reverence and irony. Which contemporary utopias emerge from the ideological remnants of the past? Tanznacht Berlin presents abridged versions of both the performance’s episodes back-to-back. Binge watch the new version!

Concept, Choreography: Sergiu Matis / Performance: Jule Flierl, Martin Hansen, Gyung Moo Kim, Orlando Rodriguez, Maria Walser, Diletta Sperman / Stage: Dan Lancea / Costume: Philip Ingman / Music: N1L (Martins Rokis) / Light Design: Sandra Blatterer/Fabian Bleisch / Dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic / Production: David Eckelmann.

Supported by: Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa.

Photo: Marc Schuhmann

Julia Rodríguez «Later» (wt) First Staging


24.8. 21.00, 25.8. 18.00, Studio 4, (40min), EN, 9 / 6 Euro

Tickets 24.8.

Tickets 25.8.

In “Later” (working title) Julia Rodríguez explores the moment right before the recognition of linguistic signs and looks beyond the possibilities and limitations of the significance of words. This solo structures the order of words in time and space as if they were objects and develops a language that choreographs thoughts and ideas – what remains, what disappears, what fades away, and what leaves traces behind? “Later” recognizes and becomes – now or later; signifies and also doesn’t; appears, shifts and disappears; takes place.

Concept and Choreography: Julia Rodríguez

Collaboration and artistic advice: Siegmar Zacharias, Florian Feigl, Cecile Bally, Asaf Aharonson, Litó Walkey, Sonia Noya.

Produced by Julia Rodríguez with the support of Berlin’s Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa/Einstiegsförderung.

Aula Milchhof, Teatro Línea de Sombra.

Photo: Julia Rodríguez 

Dennis Deter «Blow Boys Blow»


24.8. 21.30, 25.8. 21.00, Studio 1, (150 min), EN, 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 24.8.

Tickets 25.8.

Dennis Deter and his 6-person crew raise their voices and bodies and set course for the historical link between seafarers and the theater world. Many years ago, sailors were recruited as stage technicians. With great ardor, they invite audiences to sing, dance and drink, belting sea shanties, hoisting up human pyramids with acrobatic prowess and handing out barrels of rum from enamel bowls, all giving rise to a performance that moves between dance, a social event and a performative concert.

Director, Performance: Dennis Deter / Performance: Jan Fedinger, Davis Freeman, Jassem Hindi, Taavet Jansen, Dietrich Oberländer, Jean-Baptiste Veyret Logerias / Dramaturgy: Carolin Hochleichter / Production: Eliza Posny & Ann-Kathrin Reimers / „Blow Boys Blow“ is a production of Dennis Deter, co-produced by  Tanzfabrik Berlin, Platform 0090 and artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Federal State Niedersachsen. Supported by PACT Zollverein Essen and Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk.

Photo: André Wunstorf

Sheena McGrandles «FIGURED» First Staging


24.8. 22.00, 25.8. 19.00, Studio 8, (35 min), 9 / 6 Euro

Tickets 24.8.

Tickets 25.8.

Two figures disrupt their movements on and on and across a wall – cut, rewound and repeated, while the minimalistic backdrop serves as a choreographic drafting board for segmented body images. Constantly being re-edited, the previously carried out movements conjure up multiple narratives and illogical relations. Persistent and at times obsessive, ”FIGURED“ sets its focus on the details and turns back to them again and again. The live sound – a collection of field recordings similarly ruptured and cut up in time – creates a soundscape that gives friction, drive and amplification to detail.

Concept: Sheena McGrandles / Performed by: Sheena McGrandles & Annegret Schalke / Sound: Stellan Veloce / Lights: Annegret Schalke / Dramaturgical advisor: Thomas Schaupp / Outside Eye: Zinzi Buchanan. Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, HZT Berlin and Agora MOVE.

Zoë Knights «The Parts of the Belly» (wt) First Staging


25.8. 18.00, 26.8. 19.00, Studio 6, (40-60 min), EN, 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 25.8.

Tickets 26.8.

Zoë Knights’ interest lies in the abstract potential of emotions. From a single sensation, she composes vocal and movement material in an attempt to separate both the vocal timbre from its source and the levels of communication ‘information’ and ‘emotion’ from one another. “The Parts of the Belly” (working title) takes a scene from a film as the reference point and uses the translation of an emotion into dance to make its corporeal, rhythmic and visceral aspects perceptible. In place of a narrative, a resonating body emerges in the stage space.

Concept, Choreography: Zoë Knights / Performance: Benjamin Pohlig, Sunniva Vikør Egenes, Zoë Knights, Don Mabley-Allen, Jule Flierl (ev.) / Sound: Boris Hauf / Light: Florian Bach / Vocal Coaching: Jule Flierl / Costume Advisor: Martin Sieweke / Set Advisor: Jonas Maria Droste / Production: Susanne Beyer.

Produced by Zoë Knights in coproduction with Tanznacht Berlin 2018. Supported in the frame of a residency by Frankfurt LAB. With the support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and wiesen55 e.V. Thanks to Johanna Peine.

Photo: Florian David

«Deep Listening» Heike Albrecht in discussion with Christina Ciupke, Brendan Dougherty, Boris Hauf, Jeremy Wade Talk


26.8. 16.00, Studio 12, (90 min), EN, free admission


Christina Ciupke and Jeremy Wade’s artistic practices represent generations of artists and their different artistic approaches. Tanzfabrik’s first decades were defined by collective creation. Today’s artists take an individual approach and focus on interdisciplinary connections. In the work of both Ciupke and Wade, music is given a space of its own. Together with their musician colleagues Boris Hauf and Brendan Dougherty, as well as the curator Heike Albrecht, they question the conditions necessary for deep, autonomous listening: how and when do we reach this state and what parameters are part of today’s discussion around music? The talk is part of the discussion series NARRATIVES OF DANCE for Tanzfabrik’s 40th.

A Cooperation of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Tanznacht Berlin.

Photo: Heike Albrecht

Angela Schubot & Martin Clausen «The Fire from within» Workshop-Performance


26.8. 16.00 + 20.00, Studio 8, (120 min), DE, 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 16.00

Tickets 20.00

For this workshop performance, Angela Schubot transcribes personal body realities into spoken language as a means of invoking direct corporeal perception in the audience. Partly anatomically concrete, partly fantastical, but never didactic, Schubot takes her participating audience members on a journey through (individual) internal and (social) external worlds. “The Fire from within” is the second part of the trilogy “Körper ohne Macht,” in which the choreographer seeks to dissolve the boundaries of the body understood as a “super-controlled explosion thing.” 

Text, Performance: Angela Schubot, Martin Clausen / Sound: Mattef Kuhlmey / Light: Martin Beeretz / PR & production: björn & björn

A production by Angela Schubot, co-produced by SOPHIENSÆLE, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, CDC Uzès Danse, Theater Freiburg, MDT Stockholm, Schwankhalle Bremen, ImPulsTanz Wien, Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin. Supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin, ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz and Uferstudios.


Juli Reinartz «You said you´d give it to me – soon as you were free»


26.8. 18.00, 27.8. 17.30, Studio 4, (70 min), 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 26.8.

Tickets 27.8.

In “You said you’d give it to me – soon as you were free”, a fictional camera is turned into an instrument for the microscopic exploration of a body. This invisible camera acts
as a model for the perspective of the audience, transforming the body into flickering images and moving pixels, making it visible as a modifiable material and a desiring subject. The charged relationship between materiality and subjectivity gives way to a cyborgfeminist study that examines the techno body to find what is already possible.

Choreography, performance: Juli Reinartz / Artistic collaboration: Liz Rosenfeld / Dramaturgical assistance: Rose Beermann / Music: many / Lights: Josefin Hinders, Bjoern Kuajara

Supported by Slingan, MDT Stockholm and Tanzfabrik Berlin and part of [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, co-financed by Creative Europe program off the European Commission.

Research funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin.

Photo: Liz Rosenfeld

Lina Gómez «Restraint»


26.8. 20.00, 27.8. 20.45, Studio 1, (25 min), 9 / 6 Euro

Tickets 26.8.

Tickets 27.8.

With “Restraint,” Lina Gómez stages a singular state: the dancer Julek Kreutzer finds herself outside of her body. Her continuous bursts of energy are propelled by the drum rhythm of Michelangelo Contini. The constant intensity of dance and music produces a vibrating stage space, whereas the minimal setting allows for the highest possible focus on Gómez’s artistic goal: to free the body of its physical borders. 

Idea, Concept, Choreography: Lina Gómez / Dance, Co-Choreography: Julek Kreutzer / Live Music & Artistic Collaboration: Michelangelo Contini / Light Design: Bruno Pocheron / Costume: Sandra Ernst / Dramaturgic Advice: Thomas Schaupp.

A Production by Lina Gómez. Co-produced by ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz Berlin and SOPHIENSÆLE Berlin.

Photo: Gerhard Ludwig 

Antonia Baehr composes for Johnny Chang & Neo Hülker & Lucie Vítková «Röhrentier»


26.8. 21.00, 27.8. 20.00, Studio 5, (25 min), DE / EN, 9 / 6 Euro

Tickets 26.8.

Tickets 27.8.

“Rörhentier” is the entanglement of three musicians and their instruments into one composition. Inspired by the physical principles of communicating vessels, the members of this trio are connected to one another via tubes. They not only make invisible sound waves tangible acoustically, but invest them with thingness, too. Based on
a dream, Baehr’s choreographic composition was developed as a commission by “Labor Sonor: Moving Music,” where choreographers were invited to compose a piece for composers / performers. 

Composition, Choreography: Antonia Baehr / Violin: Johnny Chang / Voice and electronics: Neo Hülcker / Accordion: Lucie Vítková / Sound: Shades McKenna.

Produced for LABOR SONOR: MOVING MUSIC transdisciplinary festival & symposium, 23 & 24 September 2016 / Ballhaus Ost Berlin.

Drawing: Henry Wilde

«Songs for Love & Rage» A long concert for choreography and music and the spaces within / a project by Claire Vivianne Sobottke & Silke Bake Premiere


26.8. 18.00, Studio 14, (ca. 270 min), 14 / 9 Euro


If music can be seen as a surrogate for language then singing must be a way of speaking. “Songs for Love & Rage” dedicates itself to the multiplicity of (the magical) relations between music and choreography, voice and body, and sound and dance. Around 30 Berlin-based artists come together to weave the night into a long concert, each of them proposing a song, a dance, a little unit dedicated to the need for change in unruly times, handling unfinished business and emotions like love or anger, or simply practicing music — for the sake of music itself. A temporary community offering a space to be, to listen, to cry, to dance. 

with Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Black Cracker, Brendan Dougherty, Jule Flierl,
Martin Hansen, Boris Hauf, Hermann Heisig, Jassem Hindi, Marc Lohr, Sergiu Matis, Lee Méir, Ania Nowak, Elpida Orfanidou, Thomas Proksch, Tian Rotteveel,
Tucké Royale, Stefan Rusconi, Ivo Serra, Mieko Suzuki, Karol Tyminski, Hans Unstern, Jeremy Wade, Litó Walkey, Frank Willens a.o.

Produced by Tanznacht Berlin 2018.

«Tomorrow´s Institutions» with local & international guests / hosted by Tanznacht Berlin & Tanz im August & Runder Tisch Tanz Impulses & Discussion


26.8. 14.00 – 17.00, Studio 12, (ca. 180 min), EN, free admission


In collaboration with Tanz im August and the Runder Tisch Tanz, Tanznacht Berlin invites you to a discussion on the theme of the ‘institution’. National and international keynote speakers share their visions of an ideal institution and reflect on them with commentators. Then the discussion is opened up to the audience, who are welcome to contribute their suggestions, experiences and perspectives. 


«A Piece you Remember to Tell – A Piece you Tell to Remember» A history-telling-project von Peter Stamer & Silke Bake Premiere


27.8. 18.00 (Cast A) + 20.00 (Cast B), Studio 14, (each 60 min), EN, 14 / 9 Euro

Tickets 18.00 (Cast A)

Tickets 20.00 (Cast B)

Three choreographers individually reflect on a contemporary dance performance that they saw in the last 20 years in Berlin and was important to them. With closed eyes, moving according to their memory, they recount the performances to the audience. In three subsequent rounds, selected witnesses directly reproduce what they’ve seen and heard. Through telling, listening, repeating and imitating, this telephone-game format produces a new piece that’s nothing like how it began. 

With: Christina Ciupke, Shannon Cooney, Wanda Golonka,Raphael Hillebrand, Peter Pleyer, Irene Sieben, Sigal Zouk sowie Alice Chauchat, Zoe Goldstein, Renate Graziadei, Matteo Marziano Graziano, Hyoung-Min Kim, Lee Méir, Andreas Müller, Gisela Müller, Martin Nachbar, Anna Nowicka, Lulu Obermayer,
 Ingo Reulecke, Julian Weber, Günther Wilhelm, Frank Willens, Laurie Young.

«Remembering the Future – Tanzfabrik Berlin’s 40th Birthday!» with special guests Celebration & Book Launch


27.8. 19.00, yard in front of Studio 12, (60 min), DE/EN, free admission,

40 years marked by constant evolution and yet one concrete goal that always remained: to support contemporary dance in Berlin, to develop it and to connect it with international networks. “Remembering the Future” is an invitation not to view this history with nostalgia, but to engage with it so we may continue to build alternative futures. As part of Tanznacht Berlin – following the discussion “Tomorrow’s Insitution,” the Tanzfabrik production “THE H ALF” (2010/2018) and the history-telling project “A Piece you Remember to Tell – A Piece you Tell to Remember” – Tanzfabrik Berlin invites audiences to a welcoming speech by patron Nele Hertling, the presentation of a book in honor of the anniversary year, with special guests, birthday cake, sparkling wine and dance. It’s time to celebrate!